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The Best Beaches on a Budget in Athens: the Ultimate Guide

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Beaches in Athens, Really? You might ask … but don’t be too fast to disregard this idea. I am well aware that the Greek islands have amazing beaches and if you are looking to spend your whole vacation on a beach then you should definitely go there.

On the other hand, if you are in Athens and the heat has got to you, then please consider my idea about beaches on a budget. You can thank me later😊.

Athens has a rich history worth exploring and YES it is mostly famous for. All the sights, museums, galleries … etc are great to visit and learn about. I am a sucker for that as well! However, you will get tired at some point and for sure you will need some time to relax!

My suggestion is to explore some of the southern suburbs of Athens and discover what hidden treasures the Athens Riviera has to offer. In this post, I will go over some of the BEST and low cost beaches worth your time. I promise they won’t disappoint.

I am only going to cover the organized beaches on a budget, I personally believe are worth your time because there are many on the Athens Riviera but I would not suggest them. Call me fancy, I guess!

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Top 3 organized beaches on a budget in Athens!

All the beaches I cover in this post are accessible by public transport but be aware of the Greek never on time mentality, here the GMT stands for Greek Maybe Time😊.

So if you want to be more comfortable and not rely on public transport that might be full and never on time, I will suggest renting a car to explore at your own pace.

Side note: Drivers here tend to NOT follow common sense so don’t get stressed, follow the rules and signs, drive cautiously and you will be fine!

The first three beaches on a budget in this post belong to the same municipality Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni and are somewhat at a close distance of each other. However, I would suggest for you to spend some time or even a whole day at one or each to fully experience what they have to offer.

Akti Vouliagmeni Beach

beaches on a budget akti vouliagmeni


This amazing sandy beach is 650 meters long! If you decide to walk along it, please wear sunscreen and a hat! The beach is ideal for families and children as the water is shallow for about 20 meters, after that it starts gradually getting deep!

This is an organized beach with an entrance fee which includes sunbed and umbrella, there are also free chairs available. For what it offers; I believe it’s worth the money.


All days (high season):

7 euros adults (sunbeds and umbrellas are free).

4 euros for children 6-18 years old, unemployed, locals, students, and other groups.

Free for children up to 6 years, and disabled people.

Here you will find their detailed price list and discounts.

If you qualify for a discount be prepared to show proof at the gate!

Facilities, and services:

As soon as you enter you will feel like being on an island, the atmosphere, the palm trees, the grass covered land, and multiple sports facilities will transform you to a different world. Here you can check all the services you get which are for free after you pay the entrance fee😊.

Before reaching the sand you will encounter spots covered with umbrellas or tents to keep you cool from the sun. These places are free and can be used by everyone who got through the gate!

If you would like a sunbed close to the sea, then you have to look for it. Usually, there is one umbrella for 2 sunbeds and 3-4 row of sunbeds but on a busy day it might be difficult to find available ones.

Weekends tend to be busy and crowded but you can still find free sunbeds and just lie under a tent or a tree on the grass, you will see plenty of people doing the same.

Food and drinks:

There are plenty of canteens that sell food, refreshments, ice cream and more at affordable prices. Since the beach is managed by the municipality; the prices are regulated and quite logical. You can find draft beer 300 ml for 2-3 euros, iced coffee for 1,80 euro, hot dog for around 2 euros, and water for 0,35 euro! How cool is that!

For the last minute shopper or emergencies there are also some stores that sell beach items like sunscreen, swimming suits, flip flops, rackets and etc. So even if you are missing some essentials, the beach stores can provide you with all you need for a price of course😊.

Safety tip

The beach offers a boxaki (small box) located on the umbrella’s pole which can be used as a safe. You can use it to store your valuables and lock it with a digital wristband. This service costs 2 euros and you can ask at the gate where to purchase it.

Because these boxes are on the umbrellas; this means you need to find one first before getting the bracelet. So first, get in, find an umbrella and then look for the stand where you can purchase the service or simply go and ask at the gate. Usually, those stands are visible!


If you go on a weekday then there will be no problem finding parking right in front of the entrance. If you are unlucky then you can just go across the street in the residential area and find a spot.

Weekends are more crowded and it might be a bigger challenge but again parking can be found across the street .

If you wish to avoid this then the beach offers a special package that includes 2 sunbeds, umbrella, parking spot in front of the gate, skip the line entrance and free usage of the boxaki on the umbrella. Check the pricing below:

Monday-Friday – 40 euros

Weekends – 50 euros

You can book this online 24h before your visit or at the gate if there is availability.

Varkiza Resort – Yabanaki beach

varkiza sandy beach

The word yabanaki ( για μπανάκι) literary means “for a swim” in English, quite catchy I would say!

This one is a bit luxurious or at least they think so😊 but is still one of the beaches on a budget worth visiting while you are in Athens!


This beach is also sandy and family friendly. Once you get inside; the water is shallow for awhile which makes it ideal for children or people who do not like deep waters. As you start going further inside the water gradually starts getting deep.

Rocks in the water are very rare and if found at all they will be in deep waters. Nevertheless, if you see one, try to avoid it as it will be slippery or it might even be the home of some living organism. The last thing you want is to step on a sea urchin.


The entrance fee for this beach on a budget depends on the day you plan to visit.


6 euros adults (free sunbed)

3,5 euros children 6-12 years, +65 years old, students.

Free for children under 6


7,5 euros (+5 euros charge for a sunbed )

3,5 euros children 6-12 years, +65 years old, students.

Free for children under 5

If you qualify for a discount be prepared to show proof at the gate!

Services and facilities:

After you pass the gate you will be able to see the massive beach with the numerous facilities. This resort is a bit more organized and offers bungalows that face the beach where you can relax and hide from the heat. More info can be requested at the gate.

If you love to be active, this beach offers water sports as well. There is a beach volleyball net, beach tennis, surfing, water ski, windsurfing and plenty of fitness events throughout the day!

At the beach park (as they call it) you can also find a surf school Yasurfaki. (Can you guess what it means? )

Want to pamper yourself and get a massage or do your nails at the beach? You can also do that after booking an appointment!

Then again if you just want to relax, enjoy the beach and get some sun tan then head straight to the sunbeds! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen 😊.

Can you believe that there is also a playground? Children can enjoy some water sports and attend some plays as well. How cool is that?

Food and drinks:

In the beach park you can find plenty of bars, cafes, restaurants, and beach bars. You can eat, drink, have fun, sunbathe, and swim all in one place!

Of course the prices are a bit more expensive depending on which place you decide to visit. There are some expensive Italian restaurants but there are also some affordable fast food chains. Here you can find a more detailed list of places.


There is free parking on the left side of the gate towards the free public beach. You can find a space easily Monday-Friday. On weekends be prepared to search a bit, especially if you go between 10:00 – 17:00. On the right side of the gate towards the restaurants and cafes there is a valley service available at a cost.

Lake Vouliagmeni

Vouliagmeni lake

Another gem on the Athens Riviera which made my list of beaches on a budget even though it is not a conventional beach per say.

Initially this was a cave but after an erosion from the nearby mountain the roof collapsed and exposed the present day lake. The water in the lake is home to plenty of unique living organisms.

The lake is connected to the sea via 14 underground tunnels one of them the being 800 meters (longest in the world).


Monday – Friday

15 euros (free sunbed)

Weekends and holidays

18 euros (free sunbed)

Services and facilities:

Once inside you can dine, drink, enjoy a thermal experience, swim, explore the lake bottom with a snorkel, and have a holistic experience by getting a massage!

They also offer event booking for business, receptions, and special occasions. Who knows after you visit it you might fall in love with the lake and want to book your special event there😊.

There is also a children’s corner where your child can be entertained while you are enjoying your drink or food at the restaurant right next to it.

For the ones who like their privacy they have a Private area where you can isolate yourself on a comfortable sunbed and enjoy the private service!

Food and drinks:

The all day cafe restaurant NERO located at the lake offers an all day experience where you can enjoy food, drinks, desserts, coffee and more!


There is free parking for all the visitors but if you see a valley then you will need to tip them for the service😊.

Pro tip:

Since the lake is home to a lot of fish there is also the small fish (Fish Spa) living in the lake. What this means is once you get in the lake this small fish will come and pinch your skin.

Don’t be frightened it actually does you a favor! These small fish will peel your dead skin off. If you don’t like it just move and the fish will leave because they get scared😊😊. Check out my experience with this Fish Spa 5 years ago in Kos island!

For more info please visit their site here.

Pro tips for All the beaches on a budget

  • Be extra careful with your belongings. The city is usually safe but if you leave your fancy items exposed you are kind of asking for it (sorry for being blunt).
  • The heat reaches extreme levels. I don’t want to scare you, just to warn you. If you are sensitive in general you will suffer if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Locals know it; that’s why you see people wearing hats and staying under shades for most of the time!
  • Beware of additional charges. Take your time to check the extra charges that might apply for extra services. If you are not sure, just ask before accepting any!

The bottom line of the beaches on a budget!

The three beaches mentioned above are great for the perfect one day gateway from the busy city atmosphere Athens has. I promise you that you will not only get transferred to a totally majestic environment but also get to recharge your batteries and continue exploring the city!

These are the organized beaches on a budget near Athens that I totally recommend and believe that should not be overlooked! Please include a day at the beach in your itinerary.

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  1. Hi Darina. What a really useful post – very clearly set out and lots of useful information. Who knows, perhaps when travel is ‘back to normal’ I’ll take a visit to Athens.

    1. Hi, Richie.

      I am so glad you liked my post, I really appreciate your feedback! Athens has plenty to offer the key is to explore like a local. Let’s hope things get better soon so we can get back to traveling. I know I miss it so much.
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    1. Hey,
      I agree 50 for a VP ticket that includes parking, entrance fee,sunbeds, umbrella, and safety box is a bit too much. The entrance fee itself for the same organized beach is 7 euros which is way more reasonable. However, there are beaches in Athens that will charge 50 euros for the entrance ONLY. I will cover them in a later post.
      Having a natural tan is awesome, personally, I adore the beach for the experience, I am not a tan freak per say.
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  2. I loved Athens but I never made it to any of the beaches. If I return, I’ll be sure to check these out. I would never have thought to pay to go to the beach as they are free in my area so this is good to know.

  3. Oh, I never thought of going to the beach when in Athens. One time, we went to Saronida and swim in one of the beaches. Thanks for the info 😉

    1. Hey, Vinn!

      Saronida is fine too, especially the beach bars there 😊. The truth is that there are plenty of spots depending on what you are looking for.
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  4. Wow! Great information. I have not visited Greece yet but it is in my bucket list. Whenever i plan my travel I will save this for my reference. Thanks for sharing.😍

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